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Our heart project «Scent Of Yoga»

During the lockdown, Susen and Andy are looking for a birthday present for their friend and co-teacher Alina. Right from the start, it's clear that it has to be something very special and have to do with yoga. But what do you give an enthusiastic yogini, who always tries out everything new and therefore actually already has everything?

«A yoga mat spray» is the surprisingly simple as well as obvious answer.

«Great! But it has to clean and smell really good.»

«And be organic, of course. Be locally produced and sustainably packaged.»

«Yes, exactly, and you have to be able to use it on any yoga mat. Even for our beloved, but delicate, jade mats.»

«All right! That shouldn't be a problem...»

But wrong thinking: no matter where we search online, we can't find a single mat spray that meets all our needs... So back to start looking for a new gift idea? Wait a minute.

«What if we made our own spray?»

«Do you know how to do that?»

«Not yet... But we'll figure it out!»

We research, experiment, and even get lost sometimes - only to just start all over again. So many times, until finally exactly the yoga mat spray we were looking for is in front of us: Only with natural and gentle active ingredients from controlled organic cultivation, antibacterial, antiviral, antifugal. Now just find a bottle, fill it, and label it "Scent Of Yoga" - our birthday gift made with love is ready.

And the best: Alina is so enthusiastic about our self-made gift that she tells all her friends about it. We are very happy that our idea is so well received and this gives us a new idea:

What if we make our gift available to all yoginis and yogis?

And off we go again with the research and experimentation... This time it's all about the eco-friendly bottle, the stylish design, as little packaging as possible, the uncomplicated shipping. And then it's about beautiful photos, a clear website, and so on.

Today we are proud to hold the first limited edition of our "Scent Of Yoga" in our hands. Of course, in recyclable glass bottles and with great attention on details, such as the refined gold embossing instead of a etiquette, the emotional story on the back of each bottle, the lovingly designed website or the environmentally friendly refill option.Thanks to this, you can easily refill your empty bottle in the yoga classes and workshops of Yogagold. Not only the environment benefits, but also your wallet: with a 40% discount!

We are glad that we made a virtue out of our need and went through with the idea despite all resistance. It is a wonderful feeling to share our idea with other yogis and we are happy about the positive reactions to our yoga mat and room spray.

Yogamatspray from Yogagold. Organic and handmade in Switzerland
The handmade gift for our friend and yoga teacher.

Chantal: "A beautiful idea with an even more beautiful story. Every time I use the spray, I can literally smell the love with which it was realized."
Elisabeth: "It wasn't until Andy told me about the mat spray that I realized how dirty a yoga mat can get. For me, the cleaning and fresh scent are now part of the grand finale of every yoga practice - like savasana."
Tanja: "It's great that I can now enjoy yoga with all my senses. Thank you very much."
Alina: "The scent made me think of oneness, focus, and endless possibilities... while just cleaning my mat. I love it."

Thank you very much for the nice words.

It's the little things that make the world a little more beautiful. That's why we are happy about every yogi who shares our project or gives himself or one of his friends our mat spray "Scent Of Yoga" as a gift - if you wish even including a voucher for a Yogagold lesson or workshop. You can find all further information here.

With golden greetings

Susen and Andy



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