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Hasya yoga is on everyone's lips: More and more media outlets are reporting about it and whoever has experienced the endorphin boost of laughter yoga once, can hardly wait for the next one. The combination of yogic breathing exercises and laughter mobilizes the body's own forces, boosts mental energies and helps with physical and mental health - in addition, laughter yoga gives access to more creativity and intuition. More about the funniest workshop in the world in the review of participant Florina.



Every third person suffers from sleep problems. The reasons for this are as well-known as they are varied: too much stress, blue light or the wrong diet - to name just a few causes. But only very few people know that yoga offers many concrete tools to remedy sleep disorders. From breathing exercises for the central nervous system, to the right yoga poses before falling asleep, to the perfect diet, the treasure chest is endless.



The gentle natural tones of the 60-string monochord open up a whole universe and touch undreamed-of depths. Together with the meditative voice of Susen, the healing sounds carry you directly into your inner self. You can completely arrive at yourself, let go of everything and let the power of the sounds work in you thanks to Yin Yoga poses perfectly matched to the music. Learn more about the effect of sounds in our exclusive interview with sound artist and certified sound therapist Christoph.

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