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Yoga is neither a new trend nor a single style. But a beautiful treasure chest of ancient knowledge. Catch your goldnuggets for a healthy and fulfilling life.




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«Your yoga mat is the best training ground. All the doubts and fears you overcome here, you will also master in life.»

Joy, enthusiasm, lifechanging workshops, joy, enthusiasm, creative events, unique yoga classes, a voice of velvet and an incredible wealth of knowledge are just a few of Susens' trademarks, who started meditation and yoga at the young age of five - and continues her journey into her inner being with dozens of trainings and self-experiences.

Her enormous passion for yoga and meditation is shown, among other things, in the fact as a Master of Yoga and meditation teacher she designs every single class from scratch. Full of joy, she picks out the right pieces of gold from her huge treasure chest of knowledge from numerous yoga styles, meditation and coaching techniques to create unique experiences.

She arranges them like beautiful pearls on a necklace to create a unique and valuable yoga sequence that surprises and challenges even experienced yoginis and yogis every time. Together with her heartiness and her uniquely meditative voice, every yoga class becomes an unforgettable experience. Especially for advanced yogis and those who want to become one.

Let yourself be inspired by Susen's passion, inner strength, knowledge and creativity and hearty laughter - and you will leave the mat with a smile on your face. No matter if very calm at her Yin Yoga classes with psychological Einfluss, creative at her Happy Yoga, energetic at Kundalini Yoga, playful at a Laughter Yoga workshop or for a good cause, like at her signature yoga class for the WWF: «Yoga for Biodiversity», which brought species extinction to the center of attention in over 500 yoga studios in Germany.  

Susen Veronica is co-founder of Yogagold and has been teaching for ten years in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Mexico and India. In the most beautiful yoga studios of Zurich she teaches Happy Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga and gives unique workshops from Laughter Yoga to Yoga with Live Sound to Better Sleep. She also loves to share her passion and wealth of knowledge at selected yoga festivals.

Susen teaches in German and English.

TRAIINGS (more than 3000hrs)

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher (900hrs) | Kundalini Yoga Teacher (300h) | Akhanda Hatha Yoga Teacher (300hrs) | Sivananda Master of Yoga (820hrs) | Vinyasa Flow Teacher (250hrs) | Laughter Yoga Teacher (100hrs) | Yin Yoga Teacher (50hrs) | Specialized Pranayama Technics (50hrs) | Yoga Therapy | Communication Trainer | Speedreading Trainer | NLP Master | Systems Coach | ReikiMaster | Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Master of Health Improvement, Intuition and Success | Aunda Healing Level 1 | TM and Sidhi Program

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If any person can be described as a «born leader» or a «rock of leadership,» it is definitely Andy. His natural calm demeanor is as exemplary as it is infectious. 

A look back at his youth shows that he can also do things differently: "Higher, faster, better" was the maxim that drove him to top sporting achievements in ice hockey and snowboarding and also later took him to the top in the communications industry. A creative director, who has won numerous awards, Andy found his balance to his stressful professional life in sports or in the quiet of his beloved mountains. That was, until he discovered something new with yoga. 

Andy attended his first yoga teacher training with the goal of learning more about the history and philosophy of yoga and cultivating his own practice. In doing so, his curiosity was piqued even more, so more trainings quickly followed. For Andy, yoga is not limited to one particular style or direction. A certified Master of Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher, Andy is always discovering new techniques and elements and creatively integrating them into his classes. 


«Life is the best teacher. Just listen and learn.»

No matter how challenging his classes are - they are characterized by calmness and mindfulness. He is responsive to his students, helping them understand and experience the poses in depth. His meditative voice helps them forget the stressful daily routine and rediscover their own center.  

Andy is co-founder of Yogagold and has been teaching for 5 years in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and India. At the Zurich Yoga Tribe he teaches «Happy Yoga» - a mix of Hatha, Flow and Yin Yoga, spiced with a pinch of Laughter Yoga - relaxing Yin Yoga as well as unique Laughter Yoga workshops.

Andy teaches in German and English.

TRAININGS (more than 900hrs)

Sivananda Master of Yoga (820h / RYS 500) | Yin Yoga (50h) | Acroyoga | Vipassana | Master of Health Improvement, Intuition and Success 

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Riga. Stockholm. Amsterdam. Barcelona. Zurich. Born in Latvia, Alina has passed through many different stages in her life. Today she lives in Zurich, speaks seven different languages and writes whenever she can.

Alina found yoga early in life, as a subconscious attraction to something she could not explain. Her natural drive for knowledge was awakened and slowly but surely she immersed herself in the world of yoga and Ayurveda She might not have kept her sadhana (practice) regularly in the beginning, but she always came back to it until finally arriving to the point, where she couldn’t live without practising daily.

«Through constant practice (Abhyāsa) and the ability to let go (Vairāgya), our mind can experience the state of yoga.»

As a means of sharing what she has learnt with others, it was only a matter of time before she signed up for her first yoga teacher training - only to start the next training immediately
after graduation.

Alina strongly believes that yoga is much more than just asanas. Therefore she always starts her Hatha Vinyasa class with a short, philosophical talk on various yoga related topics, which she interweaves throughout her yoga class. Combined with her unique humor, exciting Hindu myths, exact cues and precise assistance, Alina not only provides a class which is physically satisfying but also one in which the body is completely relaxed and the mind is inspired.

Alina teaches her classes in English.

TRAININGS (400hrs)

Hatha Yoga (200 RYT), Hindu Philosophy, Yoga Therapy and is training to become a Hatha Vinyasa teacher (300 RYT)

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