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For us, there is not THE one yoga style. Because each yoga contains its own treasures. In our yoga classes we use the power of different yoga traditions and styles to work on a particular topic in depth, and to achieve your goals and let you shine in a golden light. 

Happy Yoga means joy. This yoga class is a mix of vinyasa-, hatha-, yin-, kundalini yoga, creativity and lots of fun. The theme of the yoga classes changes every month - sometimes calmer, sometimes more challenging - and our students say that this is the only real "advanced yoga" in Zurich. So if you want to progress with joy, this is the place for you.



Veda means knowledge. Convinced that yoga is much more than just asanas, we start each Veda Yoga class with a practical talk about yoga philosophy or Ayurveda. Followed by a creative Hatha Vinyasa flow with lots of circular rotations of shoulders and legs. We play with movement, connect with our core and focus on our breath.


Happy and balanced employees not only enjoy coming to work more, they also stay longer. Yogagold's customized corporate yoga specifically works to keep your employees healthy. Or invite your clients to a customized corporate yoga class from Yogagold. Yogagold has collaborated and designed for brands like Vitamin Well, Hugo Boss, Alnatura, WWF or Atupri. 


Find yourself. At our passive Yin Yoga you dive deep into your body, learn to let go of tensions, stretch your muscles and stimulate your fasciae (= connective tissue). This meditative form helps you to overcome inner obstacles and offers physical and mental an ideal balance to the hectic everyday life and all active sports.


Laughter makes you happy and healthy. Hasya yoga releases happiness hormones such as serotonin or dopamine, reduces stress and lowers high blood pressure. It also improves relationships and increases creativity and performance ability. In short, 6 minutes of laughter yoga provides the body with the same amount of oxygen as 60 minutes of rowing. And it's 600 times more fun!


Hatha Yoga is when the asana holds you, not the other way around. In our Hatha Yoga classes, you hold the asanas longer. You also move your spine in every direction to keep your body and mind flexible. Through it all, the breath carries you. Relaxation and meditation complete the whole, so that you go home completely strengthened and relaxed.

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